Broadway Christian Parish Christman Jubilee

Location: South Bend, IN                                                 


Description of Work:

South Bend, IN – This year First Response partnered with Broadway Christian Parish to help donate items and setup for their annual Christmas Jubilee.  The Christmas Jubilee is an opportunity for parents to go “shopping” for gifts for their children.  All these gifts have been donated throughout the year so they come at no expense to the families.  The children are taken into a separate area where they can listen to Christmas stories and do crafts. A gift basket is provided for mom and dad as well as a food basket for their holiday meal.  They serve 150+ families with 350+ children each year.

Broadway Christian Parish works every day to help those in the community.  They serve breakfast each day Monday-Thursday and also allow people to take warm showers, do small loads of laundry and fulfill basic clothing needs.  The homeless are allowed to give the church’s address to receive mail and they help with getting birth certificates and ID cards.