Hurricane Irma Hospital Relief

Loss Event: Hurricane Irma                            
Building Type: Two Area Hospitals                           
Location: Jacksonville, FL               
Services: Water Remediation, Structural Drying                          


Description of Work:

Jacksonville, FL- First Response was called by two hospitals located in Jacksonville, FL requesting that we bring a team down South to station ourselves at the hospital as they were afraid of water intrusion due to the effects of Hurricane Irma.

With First Response’s nationally recognized training and experience specific to Healthcare Facilities, we knew exactly what had to be done in order to help minimize the damage and to help ensure no secondary damage occurs.  Working in a healthcare environment brings on its own challenges as the hospital must to continue to help those in need and must protect the patient population from any healthcare acquired infections and incorporate interim life safety measures for their patients.  Overlooking any small detail in a healthcare environment could have catastrophic consequences.  Our training and leading edge technology allowed First Response to efficiently and effectively have a plan for the remediation.

As you can see from the image on the right, water did force its way into the hospital and First Response was able to use their training and experience to help the hospital with all the water intrusion and help ensure they could continue to aid their patients in need.