Hurricane Irma- Lightner Museum

Loss Event: Hurricane Irma                          
Building Type: Museum                    
Location: St. Augustine, FL                        
Services: Water Remediation and Structural Drying                         


Description of Work:

St. Augustine, FL- First Response was called out to the Lightner Museum to assist with water intrusion due to Hurricane Irma. 

The Lightner Museum opened in 1948 with the collections of the “Gilded Age” artwork, antiques and curios of Otto C. Lightner.  As once-proud Chicago estates were put up for auction and sold for taxes during the Depression, Lightner quickly purchased the collections of millionaires that had been acquired over a lifetime.

The historical relevance and one of a kind artworks were of the utmost importance to keep and preserve.  With high moisture content in the air, these artifacts could have absorbed moisture and caused significant damage.  First Response was able to quickly extract the ground moisture and set drying equipment to help preserve all of Lightner’s collection.

First Response was able to help stop the flooding and dry out the affected area before any of the collection was affected by either the flood water or mosture in the air.