Hurricane Irma- Stein Mart

Loss Event: Hurricane Irma                        
Building Type: Commercial – Stein Mart                       
Location: Bonita Springs, FL                          
Services: Water Mitigation, Structural Drying                         


Description of Work:

Bonita Springs, FL- First Response was called out to assist a Stein Mart that was heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma.  All contents were affected and to make matters worse, the roof was damaged in the storm and continued to allow rain water in the building days after the Hurricane had passed.

First Response had over 35 individuals assist with the cleanup efforts and began to assess the structure and incorporate a quick and effective plan of attack.   In a matter of a few hours, it looked like a completely different building.  With the use of two desiccants and industrial sized air movers, First Response was able to dry out the structure and allow the reconstruction to begin. 

During an on-site meeting with Stein Mart’s corporate personnel, they were impressed with the amount of work completed by First Response.  It was stated that they have had similar jobs in the past that have taken weeks to get to the same amount of work done that First Response completed in only seven days.  Great job team!

You can check out the before and after pictures below!