Kentucky Derby Museum

Loss Event: Water                            
Building Type:  Museum                            
Location: Louisville, KY
Services: Emergency Services Mitigation, Extraction, Dehumidification, Restorative Drying, Debris Removal, Content Manipulation


Description of Work:

Louisville, KY – Torrential rains caused the Kentucky Derby Museum to experience a devastating flood in August 2009.  Every exhibit on the main floor of the museum was affected as well as office and storage rooms on the basement level.

First Response crews responded quickly and headed south to rescue and restore the Kentucky Derby Museum.  First Response extracted the water ad dried the structure to go the museum back in business fast. 

“The cleanup crews have spread over 750 feet of dryer tubing throughout the museum space and they’ve pumped more than 150 gallons of water out of the air alone in the top floors of the museum.”

Chris McGill – Wave 3 News