Morton Arboretum Flood Response

Loss Event: Water                            
Building Type: Museum of Study                            
Location: Chicago, IL
Services:  Emergency Service Mitigation, Extraction, Dehumidification, Restorative Drying, Debris Removal                            

Description of Work:

Chicago, IL – Heavy rains totaling 5 inches in April 2013 caused wide spread flooding in Chicago and the surrounding area. The Large Loss team from First Response was asked to go to Morton Arboretum, a large facility that houses a large collection of trees, shrubs and other plants from around the world for study. The basement housing the Marketing department, IT department, and the labs flooded as well the sub-basement where the mechanicals were located for the building. Extra sump pumps and external pumps were brought in to extract the water round the clock for 3 days. All contents in that area had to be inventoried and removed. Debris was cleaned out andantimicrobial solution was applied.