Restoring Kindness

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Description of Work:

Michiana –  If you’re reading this, you’ve likely noticed the hashtag
#restoringkindness floating around and chances are you’re curious about how it all started. For the explanation, read on.

When your home floods, you find a major mold problem in your business or a fire rips through your home, it leaves a large amount of stress in it’s wake.

The task of cleaning up the flooded basement or taking care of the mold problem as more than just a job. It’s a chance to restore a life. To remove stress. To get someone back into the swing of things.

It’s always been about more than work, it’s about serving people.

A&J Speciality Service in Madison, WI, began brainstorming for more ways to care for the community, the idea of restoring kindness began to take shape.

The idea that, for no money at all, businesses and individuals could
join a campaign to do kind things for strangers and expect nothing in
return. That in a day and age of social interaction, those acts of
kindness could be tracked, shared online and talked about, encouraging
both those who are restoring kindness and those receiving the kind

Everyday, First Response sees what kindness and service can do. It’s
contagious and life-giving. But why limit those acts of service to
restoration disasters? Why not encourage everyone to do their part in
restoring lives?

So the campaign #restoringkindness was launched. There’s a hashtag attached to the campaign because we believe stories of kindness, shared online can inspire change and action. We want to hear what you’re doing. We want to hear what’s being done for you and we want to encourage others to start restoring kindness too.

To learn more and get ideas for how to start #restoringkindness visit