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Serving South Bend, IN and Surrounding Areas.
Water Pooling Water Damage South Bend Indiana

Do I Have Water Damage?

One of the worst scenarios you can face as a South Bend homeowner is potential water damage. Whether due to a busted pipe or unexpected weather conditions, water can easily sneak into your home and cause costly damage. 

The presence of water in your home can lead to irreversible damage to your home’s structure, as well as potentially ruin your belongings. In some cases, water damage can lead to dangerous mold growth that can cause nasty smells and unhealthy air conditions. 

While some water damage can be seen immediately, such as standing water in a basement or spots on the ceiling, some damage can be unseen until the real damage has been done. Unfortunately, even the smallest amount of water damage can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

Wondering how you can spot potential water damage before it’s too late? Here are six characteristics of water damage to look out for. Should you notice any of these elements present in your home, it’s time to contact a professional water damage specialist to help you determine the problem and help prevent further issues.

Six Signs You May Have Water Damage

1. Dark & Wet Spots On Your Walls & Ceilings

One sign of water damage is the sudden appearance of dark, discolored spots on your walls and ceiling. This can be the first visible sign of water damage in your home. Not only will these spots appear darker than the paint around them, but they will often feel loose and damp if the water damage is recent.

2. Cracking, Bubbling, & Flaking Of Paint

Not only will water damage discolor your walls and ceiling, but it will damage the paint and drywall. One sign of damage is that the materials of the wall or ceiling have begun to bubble, come loose from the drywall, or flake away. When the water interacts with the paint or materials of your ceiling, it will deteriorate the structure and begin to impact the look and feel.

3. Pooling Water & Damp Floors

The presence of pooling water around your property near the walls can be a sign of spots where water may potentially reach inside the home. If you begin to notice pooling water anywhere inside or outside your home, check for potential water damage quickly.

Wherever water is entering the home, you will often find damp floors. If there is not a noticeable spot where water is coming in and down the walls of your home, you may also be dealing with a water issue from below that can potentially damage your floors.

4. The Unexpected Sound Of Running Water

Another tell-tale sign of potential water damage is the sound of running water where it shouldn’t be heard. The sound of dripping, running, or rushing water is a surefire sign that something is wrong behind the structure of your home. 

It is important to note that running water doesn’t necessarily equal water damage. Take care to notice if there is anything unusual to the sound or location of running water. Sometimes running water is just a normal part of your plumbing. However, you will likely notice if something is off within your walls.

5. A Sudden Increase In Your Utility Bills

One of the fastest ways to notice that you may be facing water leaks and potential damage is a sudden and unexpected rise in your utility bills. This is most common when you are having plumbing problems such as burst pipes.

As the leak continues unabated in your home, the water will continue to flow – which will result in higher water bills. If you notice your utility bill is rising without reason, you may have a leak present in your home that will likely lead to water damage if not handled properly.

6. A Damp, Musty, & Moldy Smell

If you are having water leaks in your home, that moisture will begin to pool in various places around your property. When untreated, that moisture will build up and allow mold and mildew to grow within the walls and floors of your home.

A final sign of water damage in your home is a moldy or mildew smell filling your home. This smell is often unmistakable and not pleasant, so you will want to take mitigation measures to restore your home where the water damage is present quickly.

How To Prevent Water Damage 

When you think of water damage, you might picture the videos or images that emerge from natural disasters such as floods and severe storms. While some residential water damage is unavoidable due to acts of nature, most can be avoided with the proper care and home maintenance. 

The American Insurance Association estimates that 90% of water damage claims that are filed are caused by small problems that turned into huge damage. As seen above, once you can see the water damage, it may be too late. 

When it comes to preventing water damage in your home, the best offense is a great defense. Schedule times yearly to inspect and check all of your home’s plumbing for potential issues, and bring in a trained professional to help you inspect your home for problems. Always check areas of your home that may be at risk of water intrusion, and take steps to mitigate issues before you face expensive restoration costs. 

Stop Water Damage In Its Tracks With South Bend’s Water & Fire Restoration Service

Water damage can quickly cause long-term, costly damage to your home that will leave you with more than a wet floor and unwanted smell. In severe cases, water damage can cause homes to be declared unlivable, and can greatly reduce your home’s resale value. 

If you are afraid that you may have fallen victim to water damage, contact the team at First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists today. Our Better Business Bureau-accredited restoration company features professionals that are experts in a wide range of emergency restoration services — including water damage restoration to odor control, carpet cleaning and upholstery and fabric recovery.

We stand by our water damage repair and restoration work. Our water damage services in South Bend have been recognized as the Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year – and honor that shows our commitment to serving South Bend community with excellence. 

Contact our team today to learn more about water damage and other restoration services for homes in South Bend and the surrounding region.

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