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First 3 or 5 Calls to Make after a Fire

Waking up in the middle of the night to a house fire can be extremely scary and hard to cope with. It’s a life-threatening situation that can cause a lot of fear and confusion, especially when you’re trying to get everyone out of your home safely. After a fire, fire restoration is a serious topic that needs to be talked about. 

Even after you’ve gotten everyone out of your house, you may be struggling to know what to do next. These tips will keep you calm and your thoughts collected as you navigate through this devastating situation. 

1. Call 911

If you see flames inside your home or happen to smell smoke while your smoke alarms are going off, you need to get everyone in your family out of your house quickly and safely. Call 911 from your cellphone or go to a neighbor’s house to use their phone. 

Keep in mind that the sooner you contact them, the greater the chance that your home won’t be a total loss. If there are any injuries from the fire or individuals missing from your family, make sure that you tell this to the dispatcher, so that they can get the right help out to you quicker.   

Even if you were able to get the fire out on your own, it’s still a good idea to call your local fire department because they have the resources and a direct contact list of companies that can help repair the fire damage. 

You may also notice a much faster response from these companies when you allow the fire department to assist you with the phone calls.   

2. Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

After you’ve called 911, get on the phone once again and let your family and close friends know what’s happened. 

You don’t want them to drive by your place and notice all the emergency vehicles present without ever hearing a word from you because then they might fear the worst. 

Let them know that everyone is safe and that the situation is under control.   

3. Get Ahold of Your Homeowners Insurance Company  

Once you’ve been able to get into contact with your friends and family, it’s now time to reach out to your homeowner’s insurance company and let them know what’s going on. 

After all, you shouldn’t assume that someone else will call them for you. Contacting your insurance will get the ball rolling with the documentation process along with the insurance claim process. 

Your insurance company should be then able to assist and direct you as far as emergency lodging and living expenses are concerned. 

They will also help you find a home restoration company to handle the aftermath of the fire and may even get them on the scene just hours after the fire. 

Make sure to get a copy of the fire report from your local fire department the next day, which can be very useful information for your insurance company.  Contacting your insurance company is an important part of fire restoration. 

4. Contact the Property Owners 

Are you currently renting your home? After a fire, be sure to call your landlords to let them know of the current situation. 

This way they can help get the recovery process moving forward and be able to make important decisions about the property.  

5. Get in Touch with Disaster Relief Services

If you don’t have home insurance or a place where you can stay for the night after a home fire, reach out to your nearest disaster relief service. 

The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are great options that are probably in your area. They will not only provide shelter for your family but also warm meals and get you emergency supplies that would be helpful for your family. 

Even after the fire has finally been put out, it can be tempting to go back inside your home to see the damage and salvage your possessions. But don’t! 

There’s always the chance that your home has experienced significant structural damage. Wait until the emergency officials give you the okay to return to your home. 

If you ever experience a home fire, be sure to make these phone calls so that you can get the help you need and so that the recovery phase moves quicker.    

After you’ve made those first 3-5 calls after a fire, please get in touch with First Response to help with fire restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency service to help restore your home from fire and smoke damage. Remember to always call 911 first in an emergency! 

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