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Holiday Hazards 101: Your Christmas Safety Checklist

Keep your home beautifully decorated for the holiday season yet safe and protected from potential hazards with this convenient Christmas safety checklist. During the holiday season, we often find ourselves busy trying to get gifts for loved ones, maintain the home, decorate, do holiday-themed things, and still get our work done. It’s easy to forget about taking specific measures that can keep you safe and protected! Use this checklist to stay on top of things while potentially avoiding severe problems that could ruin the holiday season for you.


1. Consider Getting a Fire-Resistant Tree

Do you usually buy an artificial tree each year? Some people like to buy fake trees because they’re not so messy, they don’t require much maintenance, and it’s easy to reuse them each year. While these artificial trees are great for many reasons, you need to make sure you’re getting one that has a fire-resistant label attached to it. Sure, it can still end up burning if a fire spreads throughout the home. However, the materials used to create the tree are resistant to flames, ultimately slowing down that burning process. 

On the other hand, a real tree can quickly burn and has the potential to cause fires! So it’s not worth it. While you may like the smell that a real Christmas tree brings to the home, think of all the cons associated with it, such as the messy pine needles and the maintenance required to keep it alive until Christmas day!

2. Put Your Christmas Tree in a Good Spot

Be sure to choose the right spot for your Christmas tree. If you’re putting it too close to the fireplace, for example, it can become a fire hazard. You wouldn’t want a freak accident to occur that would cause your tree to burst into flames, artificial or not. If you have a fireplace in the home and plan on using it, keep the tree a decent distance away from it. Besides keeping the tree away from the fireplace, please don’t put it too close to a radiator or any heat vents. You don’t want the tree to get too hot because it could cause a fire to develop in the home. Even if it means you’ll need to move furniture around to find the ideal space, it’s worth doing it for your safety and the safety of everyone else in the home.

3. Leave the Christmas Lights Off

One of the things you may look forward to most about Christmas is hanging up those bright lights around the home and in the windows. Christmas lights can get you in the spirit and put you in the mood to dance around to some of those traditional Christmas songs by Brenda Lee! However, you don’t need to leave them on all the time, and it’s best if you don’t. Leaving the lights on all the time will put you at a greater risk of experiencing a fire in the home. It doesn’t mean you can’t safely have these string lights on, but you should be sure to turn them off and unplug them when you’re going out.

4. Only Use Dry Wood in the Fireplace

Don’t make the mistake of putting wet wood in the fireplace when you’re trying to get warm and enjoy the moment. If you’re using damp wood, it can lead to a lot of smoke, which can eventually spread to your Christmas tree and other decorative pieces that you’ve placed around the home. It can quickly turn into a fire hazard that you want to avoid. Instead of using wet wood, use dry wood. Also, don’t even think about putting your Christmas wrapping paper scraps in the fireplace to get rid of them. It’s yet another avoidable fire hazard.


5. Watch Your Pets Around the Tree and Christmas Lights

If you have dogs, cats, or any other pets, make sure you’re keeping an eye on them. Some animals like to get into things, including Christmas string lights. You don’t want one of your pets to bite through the electrical wiring to these lights and end up with electrical shock! It could quickly turn into a dangerous situation for your pets. If you know that you have a pet who likes to get into things, think wisely about the items you’ll use to decorate your home. Choose pet-friendly options that are safe to have in different rooms.

Use this convenient Christmas safety checklist to ensure that you’re keeping things in order while lowering risks and preventing hazardous situations from developing. You want to enjoy the season without the added stress of a fire or anything else. So while you’re likely excited about buying a bunch of decorations and getting things set up for the holiday season, don’t forget about these important safety tips that can protect you, your loved ones, and any household pets you might have.

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