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Mold Removal Services - First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists

5 Signs You May Need Mold Removal Services

Mold is a common issue in residences that can potentially cause structural damage if left untreated. From smelling something funny to feeling under the weather, there are many signs you can keep an eye out for that may indicate the presence of mold in your home. If you find signs of mold or any damage, it is important to call in the help of mold removal services as soon as possible. A mold infestation left to fester can cause irreversible damage to your home. 

When residents and business owners of South Bend need to call in mold removal specialists, their first thought is to call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists. You’ll struggle to find a better option in South Bend, as our experienced and reliable contractors have been honing their mold remediation skills for years. Here are 5 signs you should call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists for mold removal services.

1. You’ve had cold or flu-like symptoms for an extended period of time.

The longer a person is exposed to mold spores, the higher their chances are of developing serious health issues. If you’ve had more nosebleeds, headaches, or cold/flu-like symptoms recently, you may have mold present in your home. One of the best ways to test whether or not the sickness you feel is related to the house is to leave for a few days and then come back. Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is a bit more complicated than usual; if travel is safe and possible, though, it is worth experimenting. If you find that your symptoms ease up while you’re gone and get worse when you come home, it’s entirely possible there is mold present in the home. In that case, it’s time to reach out for mold removal services.

2. Your home smells damp, musty, or dingy.

A damp smell is a telltale sign that mold has been growing inside your home. If you’ve noticed a strange smell or there’s an odor coming from a particular room, it’s definitely time to call in the help of mold remediation professionals. When you hire us, we have an independent third-party environmentalist visit your property to make sure the air around you is clear of spores.  It is always important to have different companies perform the mold testing and the actual mold remediation. This creates accountability and doesn’t allow one company to tell you that you have a mold problem, clean the mold, and then ask for payment after they tell you how great of a job they did. When it comes to your health and safety, you always want an independent party confirming that the mold was removed properly. 

Wondering what mold smells like? Many different mold species have different odors, so it is difficult to pinpoint the exact smell. According to Bioclean, some people have described it as “earthy, meaty or resembling the odor of wet socks or rotten wood.” It’s definitely not a pleasant smell. If you notice any unusual odor, especially in areas of the home that are more prone to moisture such as the kitchen or the bathroom, you should reach out to the professionals at First Response

3. There are visible mold spores on the walls or floors.

Unfortunately, if you see a ton of visible mold, you probably have a big problem on your hands. Mold can show up in many different ways. If you see any of these indicators, you should call First Response Disaster Restorations immediately to schedule mold removal services. 

If you see a greenish-black slimy substance, you’re unfortunately dealing with the evil “black mold.” You’ll typically also feel upper-respiratory symptoms or have an allergic reaction. This is typically regarded as the most serious kind of mold; if you suspect you have black mold present in your home, please call First Response right away.

Do you see a velvety-textured green mold with brown and green “hairs?” This is Alternaria, and it can also cause allergic reactions in many individuals. It is most often seen growing in the shower or near damp areas. 

In water-damaged areas, the musty odor that is commonly associated with mold damage and dank basements is caused by the mold species Chaetomium. It can grow in areas like your roof, the foundation of your basement, or around leaky pipes. Cutting off the moisture problem at the source and repairing the water damage will prevent this mold from reoccurring. Reach out to First Response to end the cycle of mold in your home today.

4. You may need mold removal services more often if you live in an area prone to flooding.

If you know that homes in your area have flooded in the past, you may want to check common areas for mold within your house, even if you haven’t seen any mold yet. It could be lurking under the surface waiting to be discovered. For homes with a history of flooding, it is recommended to check for mold more frequently than homes without a history; there could be underlying issues from long ago that get disturbed and begin to cause trouble later on. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

5.  Pre-existing water stains in your home indicate that you’re more likely to need mold removal services.

Past flooding could lead to mold issues later on. In homes with a history of water damage or flooding, it is more common to see growth of mold in the walls or floors. Once the mold damage is visible, you’re more likely to have a structural problem, and it’s definitely time to get professional mold removal services. Although there are second chances in mold cleanup, they are usually costly. It’s vital to finish the mold extermination correctly on the first attempt, ensuring the infestation doesn’t spread throughout your house’s structure. Additionally, the effects of mold last long after the mold first infests the area. It’s important to take action as early as possible. 

If you believe your South Bend area property may have a mold hazard present, contact us immediately. When you call us, you get to reap the benefits of mold services from true professionals in South Bend. You’ll struggle to find a better option in South Bend, as our experienced and reliable contractors have been honing their skills for years. Don’t allow mold to ravage your property – call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists today!

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