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Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration


Mother nature can be an unpredictable force. When a storm strikes your South Bend residential or commercial property, anything can happen. Heavy winds, hail and even a tree can strike your home and cause for water to enter your home and wreak havoc on your property and other water-sensitive belongings. Our technicians can help you repair, restore, and recover your property and belongings quickly and efficiently. Call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists for your South Bend property storm damage cleanup needs!

What Occurs When We Arrive at Your South Bend Property

Once you have called us and we have arrived at your South Bend residential or commercial property, we begin by performing and inspection. We evaluate the extent of the damage. Determine what can be salvaged on the spot and what might need to be or shipped to our storage and restoration facility. We then develop a plan to address the damage and begin right away! Our technicians are specially trained, experienced, and certified to handle all your storm damage restoration work!

A large oak tree falls on a small house during a summer storm, caving in the roof and room under it.
Massive lightning strike in a neighborhood
summer rain with hail falls on the roof of slate

When Does Your South Bend Property Need Storm Damage Cleanup Work?

If, after a major storm, your property has suffered from significant ingress of water, then you will need to consider contacting a storm damage cleanup company. It takes an experienced eye to discover just how far water might have entered your South Bend residence or commercial property. If it gets missed, you could be dealing with more severe problems than simply warping and mold growth. Call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists to make sure your South Bend property gets the storm damage restoration services it needs!

Burned Commercial Building

Why Call First Response for Your South Bend Property?

If not handled adequately as soon as possible, storm damage restoration work can become a far more difficult job for your South Bend home or business property. Storm damage can cause significant structural damage or mold growth. The former of which can lead to injury or, in the worst of cases, death. Mold itself can result in several different health problems which are best avoided. Give your South Bend home or business property the proper care, call First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists for your storm damage cleanup service needs. Contact us today!



First Response Disaster Restoration Specialists is a family owned company with an expert team that has the experience needed to provide South Bend, IN with quality restoration services. Whether your property is residential, commercial or industrial, we’d love to show you why we are one of the area’s leading choices for restoring places back to suitable conditions. Contact us today for services in South Bend, IN and you'll receive professional assistance for all your restoration needs.